Google’s Link Spam Update December 2022

google link spam update

Google Link Spam Update December 2022 has been rolled out and is now live. This update is designed to target sites that engage in link spam, which is the process of artificially inflating the number of links pointing to a site in order to improve its ranking in Google’s search results. If you have been engaging in link spam, your site may see a decrease in traffic as a result of this update. In this post, we’ll take a look at what link spam is, how Google is targeting it with this update, and what you can do to recover if your site has been affected.

What is Google’s Link Spam Update?

Google’s Link Spam Update is a new algorithm that was released in December of 2022. This update is designed to combat link spam and make it harder for spammers to manipulate Google’s search results. The update will look at the quality of a site’s links, as well as the sites that are linking to it, in order to determine whether or not a site is engaged in link spam. If a site is found to be engaging in link spam, it may see its rankings drop in Google’s search results.

How will this update affect SEO?

Google’s latest link spam update is designed to crack down on sites that are using excessive link spam to improve their ranking in search results. This update will affect SEO in a few different ways.

First, it will become more difficult to rank highly in search results if your site is engaging in link spam. Google’s algorithm will be better able to identify and penalize sites that are artificially inflating their rankings with link spam.

Second, this update may also make it more difficult to recover from a manual penalty for link spam. If your site has been hit with a manual penalty in the past, this update could make it harder to recover your rankings.

Finally, this update could also lead to more false positives when Google’s algorithm is trying to identify link spam. This means that some sites may be penalized even if they’re not actually engaging in any manipulative linking practices.

What can webmasters do to prepare for this update?

Google link spam update

There are a few key things that webmasters can do to prepare for this update:

1. Review your website for any link spam. If you have any links that are considered “spammy” or low-quality, remove them. Google will be penalizing websites with these types of links, so it’s best to get rid of them before the update hits.

2. Check your site’s backlink profile. Make sure that the vast majority of your backlinks are from high-quality websites. If you have a lot of low-quality backlinks, start working on getting some better ones.

3. Keep an eye on your website’s PageRank. This update could cause fluctuations in your PageRank, so it’s important to keep an eye on it and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

4. Be prepared for some traffic loss. It’s possible that this update could cause a drop in traffic, especially if you have a lot of low-quality links pointing to your website. Be prepared for this and have a plan in place to offset any potential traffic loss.

How will this update impact Google’s algorithm?

Google’s Link Spam Update December will impact the algorithm in a number of ways. For one, it will be more difficult for spammers to game the system by creating artificial backlinks. This update will also help to clean up the link profile of websites that have been hit by link spam in the past. Finally, this update will make it easier for Google to detect and penalize sites that engage in link spamming.

What are the implications of this update?

The Google Link Spam update was released on December 3, 2020. This update is designed to target link spam and improve the quality of search results. The update will roll out over the course of a few weeks and will affect all languages worldwide.

There are a few key implications of this update:

1. Links that are considered spammy or low-quality by Google may be demoted or removed from search results entirely. This includes links from sites that engage in link schemes, as well as links with little to no value for users (such as thin affiliate links).

2. Sites that are large sources of link spam may see a significant decrease in their search visibility. This could have a major impact on traffic and revenue for these sites.

3. The update provides an incentive for site owners to clean up their link profiles and remove any spammy or low-quality links. This will help improve the overall quality of the web and make it easier for users to find relevant, high-quality information.


Google’s link spam update in December of 2022 is a much-needed improvement to their current algorithm. This update will help Google to better identify and penalize sites that are engaged in link spamming, making it harder for them to rank well in search results. This is good news for those of us who play by the rules and produce high-quality content, as it will level the playing field and make it easier for our content to be found by searchers.

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